About Dianne Rini as a healer


"My goal is to promote and teach self healing and developing our own powers within to heal ourselves, others and our pets.  This is the greatest gift that the Universe has given us. We need only to re-connect, be aware and claim our own power, being that clear open vessel for the healing spiritual light energy force to flow through; truly trusting and allowing the self healing process to begin without doubts or fears. 


I have discovered through Clear light healing, the purest and most powerful healing modality that I have experienced, is the simplest and most effective way to teach this gift of healing to all who are open to the healing light!"  

Dianne Rini is A Certified Advanced Clear Light Healer and Teacher, Ordained Minister and Msc practitoner with a Bachalor degree in Metaphysical Science, a certified Reiki Practitioner and Certified Holistic Healthy Life Coach.   With her spiritual practice, personal research and study of several alternative healing methods such as Magnetic Healing, Aroma Therapy, Ayurveda Medicine  Energetic Frequency Balancing, Emotional Coding, for 15 years, all come together for the highest and greater good for her clients.  


"Dianne Rini has a beautiful, warm energy. After the Clear Light Healing treatment with her I felt relaxed, peaceful and light as if a burden had been lifted. I felt renewed focus and inspiration that I was on the right path to fulfilling my purpose. My particular situation was that I am unemployed and looking for a job and so I came into the treatment with the intention that I was worrying about the future and practical things about paying bills. It was a needed refreshment that shook me back into living in the present moment and a reminder that that everything I need, I already possess within. Because we live in the real world, I still continued with my real world tasks after my treatment, but in a really positive and productive light. As a result of being opened up just a little bit more, I'm already attracting positivity and work is working itself out. Also, because I had been so focused on work worries, there were some personal issues I had buried and I was falling into emotionally unhealthy patterns. My session brought those subconscious feelings to the surface to resolve for the better. I absolutely recommend Dianne to anyone who need help opening up and balancing their energy. She's so delightful and sincere you immediately feel comfortable and trusting around her, especially while facing intimate, personal issues."  -Rhea Cortado. /Freelance Writer


“I am so very grateful for the amount of energy I have right now- your Clear Light Healing session healed me in many ways. I am hooked and will do whatever I can to have more sessions with you. You are a blessing & an angel that I am grateful for every moment. I am with the utmost gratitude
--Laura Gonyaw / Financial Professional Associate



“I had a very positive and healing experience receiving Clear Light Healing and  Reiki treatment from Dianne. I came to her in need of releasing a month’s worth of crisis management and stress which continued to occupy my body and mind. Her environment was immediately welcoming and soothing as was her manner.  Dianne explained everything that would happen in the session, and I felt very comfortable putting myself in her care. As she worked, I could feel the trapped energy breaking up and flowing more freely, particularly in my head where I was carrying so much of the stress and anxiety. When the session was over, I felt lighter and more whole, as if everything – my body, mind, and spirit – were working in concert and in balance. Dianne was able to articulate not just the physical manifestations of my problems, but also the underlying belief patterns that contribute to and perpetuate them, as well as offer affirmations and constructive exercises to break those patterns and build more positive ones. I’m still feeling positive aftereffects as I deal with stressful situations better and I’ll definitely be back for another treatment.”

 Lauren Campedelli /Actress, Director, Copy Editor


Your Clear Light ( third eye) healing was phenomenal! I intended to go to an inner place I've been missing since the blissful creative days of my youth before I took on the burdensome yoke of obligations, guilt, and the internal slave driver. This place represented freedom, connection to the Divine, and total wholeness and fullness of life in being here now. During your healing, I was filled with sparkling white light that, like a divine syrup, poured luxuriously over my body from the top down and into every cell. And then, my centered attention of Being reached this place, just behind my heart, and sat there. It was glorious, a celebration and homecoming!  “ - Ginger Metraux



“Dianne has been a neighbor of mine for years, but I really did not understand Clear Light Healing and Reiki, or exactly what she did until very recently.  

My life has been in turmoil for the last couple of years financially and professionally, just like most people right now in these uncertain times.  My anxiety and resistance had lead to an increase in my chronic pain as well as exhaustion, depression, and a slight case of cervical cancer.  

I had already begun to search for answers and guidance.  But was still lost, scared, and at the will of my reactions and emotions.  Feeling somewhat powerless and overwhelmed in my situation, I accepted Dianne's offer of a few Clear Light healing sessions.  What did I have to lose?  

I have now had 4 weekly sessions and the change I feel in my body and life is tremendous.  Dianne is the perfect conduit for healing energy and messages from The Creator/Guides/Universe.  She is soothing, professional, patient and nurturing.  She has helped me step into the next phase of my life.  One in which I am healthy, prosperous, and happy.  I would absolutely reccommend Dianne to anyone who is looking to acheive balance, freedom of mind and spirit, as well as a healthy body.  Or to anyone who may feel stuck in their life path.  We all need guidance.  Make an appointment with Dianne!”

-Meredyth Yund-producer/actress

“My Clear Light Healing sessions with Dianne have been very healing. From the moment I close my eyes and she starts I feel energy moving and flowing around me and inside me. I have a more balanced quality in my life and environment as a result. The deep meditation has taken me to places of tranquility and power. Besides that it is most enjoyable and I always feel comfortable and our meetings always professional as well as illuminating.
I would recommend Dianne to everyone who wants to feel more attuned and aware of the energy in their life. The Reiki experience has been unlike anything I've ever experienced and each session gets better.
Thanks Dianne.
John Fish/ Visual artist


“Dianne was an indispensable part of my journey into cancer survivorship. She facilitated long-distance Reiki sessions with me before each one of my chemotherapy treatments. I underwent a profound personal transformation as a result of these powerful sessions, during which I could literally feel the energy of Dianne holding space for me to receive the love and light of the universe. For those who are skeptical of Reiki, I would simply encourage you to experience it for yourself, and Dianne is the perfect guide. She helped me become receptive to the healing that I needed on the physical as well as emotional and spiritual levels. She is the best, and I wish to express to her the deepest, most sincere gratitude for all of her many gifts.”
Kristinha M. Anding
Moms Alive!
Rants, Raves & Resources for Mothers With Cancer


 I did not know what to expect when I first heard of Reiki.  I am so glad that I was introduced to it by Dianne, someone who believes in it with all her heart. Dianne helped the experience by methodically explaining the background and history of this tradition so that I understood the very simple, yet powerful, process.  She has such a caring nature and strong will to help others.  After my first session, it was very obvious to me that she is the perfect person to pass on this gift to others! She is an incredible being.
 During the experience, for the first time in my life, I felt as if there was nothing clouding my head.  I could not think even if I wanted to.  I felt charged, sometimes more in particular areas than others.  I felt so relaxed and calm. The calmness swept over me and I was at ease the whole session. It is hard to put into words what I felt, but if I could describe the experience in one word it would be pure.  I felt cleansed emotionally. Free from burdens. It was a most unreal experience.  I would recommend this to anyone I have ever met! 
~ Kim Anderson/Sales

“I would like to thank Dianne for a wonderful session.  The experience was enlightening, energizing as well as soothing, I felt very comfortable and safe.”
~ Lisa Grove/Sales


  “The Advanced Workshop with Dianne Rini was so profound that the knowledge and activation I received have made positive changes both in my clients' lives and in my own. I feel that personal growth is accelerating now and the tools Dianne gave me for acquiring knowledge, changing situations and empowerment remove limitations that I had imposed or had been imposed on me. She is a compassionate, dedicated and deeply wise teacher who offers amazing energy and clarity in sharing her vast experience. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is searching for spiritual growth and enrichment of their healing skills”.  Phil Marcus/ Certified Advanced Clear Light Healer


“My experience learning advanced clear light healing from Dianne was amazing and full of great knowledge and love. I feel empowered by her words and actions and blissfully carry that into the world. Knowing I not only have Mielle but also Dianne as a teacher and likeminded earth angel gives me the comfort any healer could ask for.” 

Marissa Arendsman/Certified Advanced Clear Light Healer








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