Healings for Pets



Clear Light Healing for pets is very similar to Clear Light Healing for people. Please click on the first page for more general information about Clear Light healings.

If your pet needs a healing, you can bring him/her to my house, or I can come to your house. Nutritional support is also available for pets to treat physical as well as emotional and mental symptoms. This is done by phone/email (you call me or send me an email with your requests, and we determine approximately how long it will take me to do the pendulum work)

  • I find appropriate products for you and /or go through your current products and correct dosages
  • Pets usually have an understanding that they are getting a healing and are very responsive. They usually show enthusiasm and eagerness to have their voice heard. They often fall happily asleep from the deep relaxation that the healings provide.

I love animals and they are wondeful to work on because of their pure openness and surrender to the light energy that they are so naturally connected with. 

Online payments for pets :

 Clear light healing session -20 minute increments (Los Angeles area) -  $45.00  
 I have special rates for all animals at shelter homes waiting for adoptions. Please contact me directly at 310-279-0162.

Please call and make an appointment before you purchase services. Online payments are due 24 hours before your appointment and are nonrefundable or transferable.




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